Monday, December 10, 2012

Home Again Home Again

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Hello Houston. We are finally home. Tom and I left  the 18th of November and we have driven over 3,000 miles around the eastern half of the United States. There is always something nice about getting home after such a long trip, even though we really enjoy being on the road. Tom is fun  to travel with,  and he is always agreeable to stop and see attractions along the way. I also feel like we have more time to visit with each other in the car. His favorite time on the road is very early in the morning, with a thermos full of coffee....and something sweet along for the ride....and no I wasn't talking about me!
Do you like car trips or do you prefer to fly everywhere?
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  1. You made a lot of miles, but it feels always good to be back home. I can imagine your feeling about sitting in the car. I like it in the late evening sitting in the dark with the radio and not so much traffic on the road.

  2. it is true - more conversations take place in the car w/o tv or whatever distracting. :)

  3. Road Trips, and back roads.

  4. And I can vouch for Tom's willingness to stop for coffee and BLOG TALK! I thank you both again for meeting me while you passed through B'ham. 3,000 miles? I"m amazed you're still married! LOL