Friday, December 7, 2012

Tell the Truth

Finally, like the birds, we are headed south...back to Houston. I took this photo through the car windshield as we passed through St. Louis, Missouri.
Many of you will recognize the famous arch on the banks of the Mississippi River.If you will look closely, on the left is a round hotel. I stayed there a long time ago (35 yrs) when it was new. My husband and I were flying from Houston to St. Louis for a convention. I was a lot younger then, and going to a convention was so exciting to me. I begged my husband to change our flight so that we could leave Houston earlier. So, he did. Telling them, at work,  that he was going to visit a customer on the SW Freeway. We had no idea that shortly after we boarded our flight,  there was a horrible truck accident on a bridge near the SW freeway. An ammonia spill where many people were trapped and killed on that bridge. This was before cell phones. My husband's company actually reported him missing....and possibly among the dead, as he would have been on that bridge and they couldn't locate him. That evening, when they finally located us in St. Louis... his boss was NOT happy....Thankfully he was not fired, and we actually ended up really enjoying St. Louis!
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  1. What a story! Sometimes fate is lucky for you. I have been here too, the arch is amazing, you can even go up in it, but I didn't.

  2. Great shot of the Arch Janey, not sure if you've see Bob's blog ..St.Louis Daily Photo, he does a shot of this Arch every Thursday, so good. Your husbands boss should have been happy he was alive not just 'missing in action' haha!

  3. oh, wouldn't you know it! caught in a lie, but better than being dead!

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