Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pitching and Tossing

Every year it seems, I feel the need to Pitch and Toss....another way of saying cleaning out closets, drawers etc, and ridding yourself of unwanted personal belongings.. Despite the fact, that the dictionary defines it as a game.. I especially get the urge, when a new year is approaching. This year, I am doing major tossing! (actually donating). I had a good laugh when I came upon this guy:

Some of you may remember this craze from the early 1970's. It was called macrame. Well, my first Mother in Law (that sounds awful, like I had a first, second and third, more on that later) was really really into it.!
 This was a Christmas gift, long about '72

I bet you didn't need all of those mug shots to recognize Old Saint Nick. He somehow made the cut in previous pitching and tossing escapades....unlike the macrame hanging basket  holders. Don't worry, I will save him for one of my daughters.....and I know which one. Isn't funny how  kids can be so different? More on that later too?
         Hopefully she'll want these as well? Ya never know what I might find! Now, was there a rabbit ?....Janey

*Pitching and tossing is actually recreation for a Virgo like myself...


  1. Oh this is so funny, I made the macrame too. I remember I made a bag which I have even used some time. These ones are very well made and the Santa is so cute as are the peppers. I think your granddaughter would like the santa very much. I look forward to more stuff you find in the closets!

  2. When I downsized last year I pitched so much I've had to rebuy some of it!

    And yes, I remember macramé. I made a fine double plant hangar that went all the way to the floor. The dog raised his leg on it.

  3. I kind of like pitching and tossing also Janey, I find it very 'liberating' and I'm a Libra haha!

  4. I pitch and toss all the time!