Monday, May 27, 2013

A Picnic

About twelve thousand feet elevation, above us to the east, is a series of four small mountain lakes ( called Deer Lakes) that cascade, one after the other down the hill. Tom and I drove up and took a picnic lunch yesterday. While we ate beside lake number two....a female moose was having her lunch too. Moose like to eat the grasses that grow on the bottom of the lake.

We tried getting closer, but she noticed us. They can run faster than we can, so we backed off, hoping she would go back to eating her lunch!
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  1. Unbelievable location for a picnic Janey, and your fleeting guest, a star :)

  2. What great company you keep on your picnics! What is the name of the town where you live because I'd love to find it on the map. Such beautiful country!

    1. is so small that it is not on a lot of maps. Lake City, CO.