Friday, May 10, 2013

The Games We Play

I am not much of a game player. You can verify that by talking to my children....who are. But, since I am in a new town....I don't turn down any opportunity to meet new folks

My sister was this month's hostess for her Pokeno Club, and she asked me to be a sub. Dinner was served for the twelve ladies attending, and then we played Pokeno....a game I am not sure I have even heard of.

The dealer calls out a playing card. and you cover that card with a crystal (if it's on your board). It is very much like Bingo. Each lady brought a wrapped gifts worth $20. If you win, (by covering a straight line, up, down or diagonally), you get to unwrap a gift. When all of the gifts are opened we had dessert...Then we played again. If you won this time, you got to steal a gift. That was the fun part. I kept stealing a necklace from this one gal and she kept stealing it back. I ended up with it.

I know I know...not a good way to make a friend :) But  I couldn't help myself...I wanted the necklace.


  1. I have never heard of this game either, but it looka like bingo indeed. Are you allowed to come back after your necklace snatch?

  2. you made me laugh! cutthroat! :)

  3. Happy you ended up with the necklace! Sounds like fun.