Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bear Country

There are several reminders here in little Lake City, Colorado that you are in Bear Country. It is tempting, especially to vacationers, to put food out for our wild bears, so that they can get a photograph. But, when you feed the bear he or she becomes dependent on those handouts....becomes aggressive (and larger) and in the end has to be destroyed. Sadly, we have seen it every summer .

Tom and I are so heed the rules... which in the end saves the bears life. We do not have a bird feeder , we burn off all traces of food on our grill after we use it. Never leave any sort of food in our car...and keep our doors and windows locked.

Hopefully I will be able to photograph a bear for you this summer....but it will not be because we are feeding it.

* Taking a break....We are flying to Chicago today for granddaughter Hannah's first birthday. Will be back on Tuesday.
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  1. Yes, you better be carefull, tourists don't realise what the riscs are, they sometimes are so stupid.

  2. i'd be sad without my birdfeeders, but so glad we don't tempt bears here...

    have a great weekend!

  3. I can't believe after all the education of the public that some people are ignorant or foolish enough to feed a wild animal. It is so thoughtless, selfish and cruel. The fellow in your photos looks a bit like Smokey the Bear.