Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Ranch part III.

Although I didn't see a horse or cow while on the ranch...There did seem  to be creatures everywhere, in the ranch house...or maybe you could call them wild life? This thing was crawling across a ceiling beam. Tell me please that this Komodo Dragon wasn't ever alive!

or this Vulture who seemed to be drinking from a bowl

not to mention this bejeweled thing  was slinking across the table

I was relived that the hippo guarding the door was obviously craved out of wood

but these things  really confused me, until someone told me they were the Three Eyed Aliens from Toy Story?

As you can was a most interesting place.

*I feel sure you would hesitate to invite me to your house! While it seems I am making fun of the place...I truly am not. I found it all to be most interesting!


  1. I liked the jeweled "thing" but I would hesitate to include the others in my home. After this ranch, my home sweet home appears very humble!

  2. J'adore the carved hippo, I would definitely find a spot for this one Janey.

  3. i like their eclectic tastes!

  4. It is an interesting collection in the house!