Thursday, May 2, 2013

Your Favorite Type of Holiday?

 Over on another blog (French Girl in Seattle), Veronique talks about dreaming...Don't know about you , but about this time of year I dream about getting away...
 When you dream of taking a vacation or holiday. Where do you see yourself? Are you enjoying the rides at Disney World, on a cruise, a Caribbean beach, high in the mountains or just at a luxury resort? 

Mine, I always seem to dream the same dream. I love love renting a village house in Europe and blending in with the locals. We have been lucky enough to live out that dream  on several occasions.
This is one such trip

click on photo to enlarge
 We rented a village house, on a narrow street, in the village of Lourmarin France.... (Provence).
We shopped, for our food, at the local open air market. Okay, I know if I want to blend in I need to bring my own shopping bag. I will next time.
 Cooked in our  petite (well lit)  French kitchen
Ate in our own formal dining room, with villagers walking by the window.
and once  on our rooftop... with a view of the Luberon Mountains.
We spent our time exploring the village streets
 country lanes
and saying bonjour to the locals.

So, when folks tell me that they are going to Europe and want to stay in luxury hotels and eat in five star restaurants. I realize that they are entitled to their dream....and me to mine :)

Oh..I forgot. To get around Provence (in the south of France) you really need to rent a car.

(  how I would have loved it to have been one of these)

Our driver in this case ... was my trusty hubby Tom!

*leasing a home or apt. in Europe is quite reasonable, especially in our case, since we were two couples.

Tell us about your dream vacation...even if you have yet to take it.


  1. You did it the right way, the Luberon is so beautiful to drive around. We haven't made plans yet. Bought some expensive things.

  2. that's really a cool way to do europe, no doubt. :)

  3. This post brought back many memories for my husband and I. This is the way that we experienced the Luberon area. We rented an old country home just outside of Isle sur la Sorgue. We recognized not only the waterwheel, but also the guy standing in front of it! This is definitely the best way to explore rural France!

    1. Marcia,

      You are correct . That is Isle la Sorgue. We went there on market day. It was amazing...although I would love to return on a calmer day.

      Please come again to visit! Janey

  4. Hi Janey!

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