Monday, May 20, 2013


I know, I know...we seem to be living between two cities...We drove back to Houston one more time this week. One of these days Tom will be finished with these dental procedures...or we will find a new dentist where we Ft Worth.

We stayed this time with our dear friends Jenna and Phil....who have this cozy sitting area at one end of their kitchen...a place where I have had many a cup of coffee and wonderful conversations.

Jenna had baked an Apple/Praline bread to welcome us....I took this just before we finished it off the last three slices. She loves to bake...and experiments by trying to take the fat and high calories out of baked items. She sure did a great job on this loaf!

Gardenias were blooming in their yard and she had some floating in bowls ....making the house smell wonderful.

Our beautiful....and comfortable guestroom was waiting

and an equally amazing guest bath..

Thank you Jenna and Phil ...we had a wonderful time!


  1. You don't need to built a new home, you can stay everywhere for a while!

  2. you have your very own b&b! what great friends...

  3. Janey, how do you do it? You made our simple home feel and look as though I would like to visit it. Amazing. No wonder I enjoy your Blog!

  4. Lovely accommodations. I don't think that these photos represent a "simple home," tho! Lovely!