Monday, May 6, 2013

The Ranch cont.

There were several western themed sculptures in the ranch house.

A  tiled  scene above the fireplace

and a very large painting of an Indian in the dining room...

but remember I am the one who is always showing you pictures from the rest stops , on the highway. So, I couldn't resist showing you the  bathroom!
and this amazing shower

which had water jets  and art on more than one wall.

There was another appliance in the bathroom that was imported from Japan that had a control panel...but I will spare you the pictures! 
Come again tomorrow and I will show you the things that surprised me!


  1. I just discovered you used to live in the Netherlands?

    1. Yes Kate. I lived in a delightful thatched rood cottage in a beautiful village between Amsterdam and The Hague..1977-80.

  2. That is quite a bathroom, nice decorated.