Friday, October 17, 2014

A Beautiful Home

We were invited to a cocktail party at a beautiful new show home this week. Hubby really didn't want to go, so I took one of my sisters. Every year, one of the area builders showcases one of their homes that has been decorated by professional decorators. They charge admission, and the proceeds go to a charity. This year benefiting terminally ill children. We were invited to this special showing (private party), because the same builder built our new  house.
I forgot to take a picture of the exterior, so I photographed the magazine. I think it looks similar to the house I passed on my walk the other morning.
I fell in love with the blue and white ginger jars in the entry. I was also surprised by the use of wallpaper. They say people are using it again, and I kind of like it.

Both sides of the entry were decorated.
The large living area opened into the kitchen and was decorated in creams and blues.
There was a large island in the kitchen and an unusual vent a hood. I am not sure what it was made of, but I wasn't terribly fond of it.
I did like the pottery over the stove
I thought at first that this was a wine fridge, but it was the main refrigerator. It just happened to be full of champagne for the party. My goodness is your fridge neat enough to have see through glass? (mine isn't)

 The most unusual thing about the kitchen was that it had a built in pizza oven.
I won't bore you with the whole house...but this was the media room (I don't have one of those either).
I couldn't believe that there was yet another living area...where was a young lady was playing a harp.

I lost count of how many bedrooms there were, but I especially liked the soft colors of this room.

Getting away from the creams and blues, there was a glitzy green powder room.

All of the decorating was done by this team....mainly Celeste in the front. She is the lady that helped me pick out our granite, tiles and wall color. Summer (third) from the bottom, designed my closet. There I have admitted one guilty pleasure.I have always dreamed of a fabulous closet..and yes, it involves a chandelier.

My sister and I didn't really know most of these people (even though there were close to 100 in attendance), so we stood above the main room on a catwalk (a hallway above the room, with a railing), people watching.
 We decided it was a beautiful home and a fun evening.


  1. It is always nice to peek in another house, I like that too. This is a huge one with many rooms for things I do in one room! :)

  2. quite grand to me! i'd not want to clean the glass front on a fridge, much less show what's in it!

  3. Notthing short of stunning Janey! I love looking at houses - I only yesterday visited a show home.
    I have a lot of your posts to catch up on!

  4. Yes, indeed, a showcase house.

  5. You’re just so lucky you got invited to the show home! You got to be in that house and experience the vibe firsthand, before it got published in the magazine. Anyway, I must say the house really looks beautiful. It was well-designed, and has a more homey impression than the pictures that are often featured in the magazines. Thanks for sharing!

    Naomi Walters @ Chicora