Sunday, October 5, 2014

Found It !

I hate when I lose things! My camera was in a drawer...and I know I wasn't the one to put it there. (Don't tell anyone, but I am married to a neatnik). Found it just in time...I flew to North Carolina for a baby shower for my daughter #4 over the weekend.
The front of the baby shower invitation. My daughter and her husband do not want to know the sex of the baby before it is born....and the suspense is killing me!
It was a beautiful Fall day...and we were welcomed by this sign

The food was done by daughter #2, who drove up from Atlanta, and it was all delicious!

The lemonade with fresh mint and shaved ginger was a huge hit

The cake had lemon butter cream icing was very similar to the invitation ..... delicious!

The guests showered the Mother To Be with beautiful gifts

and I was just thrilled to have four of my five daughters in attendance 

There were even little favors to take with you. Chocolate truffles in boxes adorned with birds..
A wonderful trip that was just way too short. 
I hope to get out and take some that I have a camera.


  1. I'm married to a neatnik, too - but, he doesn't touch my camera! That cake is enormous and sounds absolutely delicious. Ditto the iced tea. Glad you could be with your daughters for such a happy event.

  2. first, hooray for finding your camera! second, what a nice trip and get-together with your girls! love the cake!!

  3. The decorations and cake are beautiful! Looks like an awesome family get-together!

  4. It's a splendid spread; everything is "perfect"—the gathering with the girls, the food and the baby event!

  5. Oh, glad you found your camera, was afraid for a moment you were suffering from dementia :), but a neatnik is very neat!
    A baby shower, hmm, I supposed it had done when the baby has arrived? Isn't it a bit to early for this, do they this all over again when the baby has born?

    1. I do know that in some cultures this is not done, but gifting the Mother to be is very common here.There are also showers after the arrival.In the south it is also common to have a party to introduce the baby. It's called a sip and see. Come see the baby and have refreshments.

  6. This event is becoming more common in the UK for the first born. I think it is a lovely idea and how lucky to have a real family party as well.

  7. Thank goodness you found your camera in time.
    Love the appearance of the cake and the idea of adding mint and ginger to the lemonade.