Monday, October 27, 2014

My Walk part II

Tom and I try to walk every morning. We are new in this neighborhood, and have yet to find a gym to join. I always take my little camera (which every good blogger is always equipped with).
This is yet another gate to a large estate. I had the urge to walk closer to the gate and peer in. Now I am glad that I didn't
It has it's own guard house, which I thought was just for looks. The next day when we walked by, the uniformed armed guard came out. We smiled and said, "good morning". He just nodded ...which made us feel like we should move along...!I was tempted to take his picture...but thought ...maybe not!


  1. A very attractive gate. You are far more polite than I and respect the property and others; I usually forge ahead without much thought other than taking a photo.

  2. Oh, a guard to the house, who is living there, an old president? :)

  3. oops! you've got some high-dollar folks in your 'hood! :)