Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Another Small Town

On our mini trip down through central Texas we went through the charming town of Glen Rose.
It is the county seat of Somervell County.
The courthouse built in 1894
The sculpture out in front by local artists Robert Summer is of early settlers. Juana and Charles Barnard. Charles who operated a trading post with his brother, bought Juana for $300 dollars worth of horses from the Comanche Indians who had abducted her a few months before in South Texas.


  1. Love these Texas courthouses. Are you familiar with Kathy's Texas posts on many of them? I'd like to send you go her website, but I cannot recall the title.

  2. Interesting story and neat-looking courthouse!

  3. Poor Juana, hope she had a happy life afterall.

  4. Hi Janey: Thanks for finding me. Yes, the courthouse in Glen Rose is on my list to visit. I love courthouses and especially all the ones in Texas that still remain which were built in the 1800s. There are about 70 of them and I've photographed half of them thus far. Thanks for visiting my blog!