Friday, October 24, 2014

Fire Pit Chairs

We are getting settled in our forever home. A zero property line house in the city, which means we have a minimum of outdoor space.
Remember, I told you that one of my Tom's wants was a fire pit, which you can see pictured above on our side patio. The problem is the area is not that large.
Taking up a lot of this small space is our outdoor table and chairs, which we had at our Houston house. I think the round table and chairs take up too much room. A shorter rectangle table would do nicely, but there has to be and end to our spending ... or so I am told.
A very popular fire pit chair is an Adirondack style chair. The depth of these chairs make them too large for the space, and we have friends and relatives that would have trouble getting out of this style chair!
The chairs we would really like are these outdoor wicker ones that are oh so comfortable ....but they are way too big for the area and very expensive.
So we felt like we had hit the jackpot when we found these all weather outdoor wicker chairs. They are not too large
 or too small, and very comfortable

and better yet, they fit nicely around the fire pit. I know, there is no room left for dancing...I am working on that.


  1. It looks very nice, you made the right choice. With your feet on the stones near the fire and a glass of wine in your hand, will it be the perfect evening.

  2. The space looks absolutely perfect and beautifully designed. Have you never heard of "rolling up the rug?" Wouldn't take much effort to move the chairs out-of-the way!!

  3. i like the fire pit idea, but i've always been worried for our dreadful texas winds sending sparks flying (and burning all around this place!)

    1. Teresa...there are no sparks. That was my first comment too. It is gas. I certainly wouldn't want sparks either....As my kids say "our Mom...she is afraid of everything".

  4. It will be lovely sitting there in those comfy looking chairs with the warmth from the fire pit to enjoy. I would imagine most people could have trouble getting out of those Adirondack chairs they slope back such a long, long, way - almost down to the ground