Thursday, October 16, 2014

Another Button Dress

I had a post about a button dress back in April of this year. Tom and I had driven out to a small town southwest of Ft. Worth and toured an Opera House there.
This unusual dress was displayed in the lobby. The lady at the desk didn't know much about it. It did appear to be old.
Well, yesterday I was unpacking my genealogy albums, and couldn't help but look through. The lady standing is my great grandmother, and she seems to have on a dress with a lot of buttons. Not as many as the other dress, but it must have been a style of the time. I am not sure how old she was here. Adelia was born in
Garrard, Kentucky in 1867, and moved to Texas with her family as a child. She married my great grandfather in 1888 and had eight children, dieing at the age of forty six in Tioga, Texas in 1913. Her ancestors, who were from France, arrived in America in 1685. Interesting that her husband, my great grandfather, lived to be ninety eight.
Pictured with her are her sister Callie(1863-1893) and brother Herndon (1878-1951)


  1. I like that old photo. I am always surprised by the statures the ladies had, they were wearing corsets of course but look at that waist. To be jealous of... The peplum jacket is very modern now again (our Queen wore one yesterday) and the buttons are very stylish attached to it.

  2. Muito bela...Espectacular....

  3. You must have excellent historical family records. Great photo and a treasure.