Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Tree

We are on a little mini trip this week. The floors (downstairs) in our new home had to be re-finished. Long story; consequently we had to be out of the house for three days. I love mini trips....so we have vacated.We decided to drive down to Austin to see daughter number five and family. I don't like freeways, unless I am in a hurry, so we took an alternate route , winding through the back roads (with no big trucks). I also like pulling off of the highway in small towns.
That is when I saw this beautiful live oak tree. It was hard to miss it, since it was in the middle of this street. This was not a boulevard (divided street). I was surprised the there was no barricade around it, not even a flower bed...or a reflector on the tree. If you were a stranger in town driving down this street at night, I am not sure how you were supposed to know it was there!!!


  1. I can hear the "bang" already, but maybe their never is any traffic there, only you....

  2. Love it because it is so quirky. I'm certainly glad that the community saved this tree!!

  3. It looks as if this little community has actually grown up around the lovely tree.
    Mini breaks I love - then return home refreshed.

  4. I love this - a tree left to be itself!