Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Course

I mentioned in yesterday's blog that Tom and I drove west of Ft. Worth about thirty miles to a public golf course in Weatherford.
The entrance looked like a gate to a typical farm or ranch. Old water  tank and windmill
The clubhouse was very nice, with all of the golf carts lined up in front.
Tom said when he played golf the day before, that they had little vignettes set up along the course, with western scenes like this old wagon
I got a kick out of the putting green which was covered with little Texas flags.
It appeared that on the first hole they had a rock art replica of Texas. Being from south Texas...I was a little disturbed by this so called map of Texas. It is like South Texas doesn't exist?Hopefully it was just the angle I was standing. Oh well, it was a nice drive out to Weatherford. I hope to go back out with him and play golf. We were back at home by 9am.


  1. It looks interesting and inviting. Have never played golf, only a minigolf so now and then.

  2. Looks like they're proud to be Texans! Nice looking golf course!

  3. There always seems to be something of interest other than golf on the US courses.

  4. i do like them capitalizing on the western motif. :)

  5. Lodge a complaint about the image!