Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

It's Halloween and a lot of little spooks will be out tonight!

and a very large cat!
Do you celebrate Halloween?


  1. It is celebrated more and more here in the UK with children dressing up and going to parties.

  2. thankfully, i'm a long way off the road behind a locked gate. now, if only my mailbox stays safe...

  3. We don't celebrate it here Janey, but that may change for the kids. as I note that more and more halloween items are making their way into the shops each year.

  4. We have fewer and fewer kids at our door with each passing year. Last night almost all of them, including the energetic pre-teen boys, had parents lurking in the street, watching and waiting for them. No cars with kids from other neighborhoods, either. I miss all the activity. Had only 37 trick or treaters come to our decorated door. I have a friend who turns off all her lights and hides in the back of her house. She misses the fun. I love the costume-clad pre-schoolers at the door. In our old neighborhood the parents would accompany the kiddies while appearing with a shot glass in hand. Had one father dressed as Tigger last night. Now these are adults who know how to have fun on Halloween.