Sunday, October 26, 2014


I know I should be out taking pictures of works of art. ....but my granddaughter is visiting.....  Hannah likes water,
and insists on washing her own dishes.
Like so many towns...we have one of those water parks, where kids can play. It is downtown in Sundance Square. Hannah loved it.

Afterwards we went to the Live oak restaurant that has a stellar view of
the skyline of downtown from their rooftop. They, by the way, do not have booster seats...but Hannah was a good sport. Really really fun day!


  1. What a cute photo's of your Hannah, she looks adorable.

  2. You don't have to go far because your granddaughter is a work of art!!

  3. I'm back. Several posts ago I mentioned another blogger from Texas who has been doing a series on courthouses but couldn't remember her name. Because of the many illnesses of her mother, she has been blogging only on and off these past months. She has resumed (see her post today: If you have the patience to go back to her earlier posts, you will be able to see her many outstanding photos of the courthouses she has visited. She plans to continue the theme in the future. Worth a visit.

  4. oh, that last one is ADORABLE! she is a cutie!

  5. Grandchildren are simply the best - she looks a little cutie.

  6. What a joy. Hope you remembered to bring a towel to the water park.

    1. Yes, we took a towel and a dry set of clothes.

  7. Dear Janey, You did take a picture of a work of art - Hannah is a beauty. What child doesn't like water play? Such a cheap and easy entertainment!

  8. Thanks for the fun weekend! See you soon!