Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A One Man Job

Have you ever wondered how they change the light bulbs on those really tall light poles?
Well, I got a kick out of watching this guy. He drove up pulling a little green trailer (all by himself), and then implementing the wonders of hydraulics the contraption unfolded .... He climbed aboard quite effortlessly, and  up he went to change the light bulb.When he was finished, he simply reversed his movements, got in his van, and drove away. I wonder what you call these people? Light Changers, Aerial Maintenance  Technicians...... how about Streetlight Engineers? I now wish that I had videoed it, and set it to music.
 I know I know, I am easily entertained!
Have a wonderful Wednesday


  1. The other day my family and I were discussing how the lights on all the windmills in our area get changed. It would be an interesting job to be the light bulb changer!

  2. Haha! He's a one man band Janey.. I'd go with 'technical engineer'. Had to laugh, I know someone who works in Subway, apparently they are known as 'sandwich technicians' :)