Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Little Box

I think we have talked about collections before. I really don't collect the true sense. But, I do have a few things that I cherish. Sitting on my shelf, in my new closet, is a small grouping of little boxes. Three of the boxes are Limoges boxes. Limoges (pronounced le moge), boxes are from an area of France that has a city by the same name. Limoges boxes do not all come from the same factory. They are simply from that region, and are hand painted. Some being more valuable than others, and are collected by a lot of people.
This is not a guessing game, where you pick out the real boxes....which of course you are welcome to do. For there is one box that makes me smile, and touches my heart.
It is this little blue and gold one. 
Yes, it is from Limoges, but it is in the true sense not a Limoges box. It is more of a souvenir with Limoges written on the bottom.

It was sent to me by this sweet girl, who is from Limoges, France. Marina (who I refer to as My Marina), was our Rotary exchange student way back in 1999. We housed many students over the years....but Marina stole my heart. I just spied the little box this morning....and I thought of her.

Have you ever housed an exchange student?


  1. I like those little boxes, you must be glad to have all your things around you again and cherish them in your new home.I have never housed a student, we didn't have a spare room with two children. We once housed two Danish boys for a few days from a music band 13 and 15 years old. The older one travelled with a few friends in the evening to Amsterdam without telling us. We kept awake until deep in the night waiting for him to come back.It was scary!

  2. I was an exchange student once for a month but lost contact with my host family. It was 26 years ago, can't find them.


  3. No I haven't Janey, but it sounds like a wonderful experience, your Marina looks like a lovely young lady.
    p.s. procrastination sounds good Janey, but when will we get the time :)

  4. sweet collection and sweeter memory. :)

  5. What a sweet gift! You have a beautiful collection!

  6. Hello,
    Good post about Limoges trinket box. All the pictures you have displayed are just cute and attractive. Thank you too much.......