Saturday, January 31, 2015

Still Decorating

We have been in our new home for a few months now, and we (I) am still decorating. I don't like bare walls, so I am constantly on the search for things to hang on them. A guest bath on the second floor, now has a new print. Look the mirror , and you can see it.

One if my favorite haunts is a furniture consignment shop, a place where people sell their belongings. Actually, the shop sells them for you, taking a bit of the profit.
I might also add that I have a love for the south of France. Provence to be exact. We have rented vacations homes there twice.....where I like to play like I am a native. Anyway, when I saw this print ...of a photograph of a window in Antibes, France....I melted. I also like geraniums, and who doesn't like garlic and a little patina on a wall...not to mention lace curtains.......So if you are wondering where I keep disappearing to....I am scouring second hand shops....Janey


  1. Hello Janey,

    It really feels as if one is getting somewhere when it comes round to hanging pictures on the wall. So, progress must be being made!

    And, what a perfect excuse for scouring vintage shops, that is if you need an excuse!

  2. Scouring second had shops is my kind of heaven Janey, you can sometimes find real treasures there. Looks like things are coming along nicely in the new abode :)

  3. Hi Janie, That print is a treasure since it reminds you of a place you love. I cannot set foot in any thrift or design shop again - consolidating 2 houses has made too much stuff that I'm once again sifting through.

  4. I like to see how you decorate even the bathroom! You find very nice pictures to be framed. I love the image you show.

  5. The print is beautiful! It reminds me of a series my grandma once painted of French Doors.