Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Wreaths

One of the reasons my husband and I moved to Fort Worth, Texas was to be near family. I have four sisters in the area, and I love it. One of my younger sisters, Polly is very creative. At Christmas time, she and friends made beautiful wreaths for their front doors. So,on Saturday she held wreath making class.. After all, Valentines Day is just around the corner.
We started out with these metal frames in the shape of a heart. The fuzzy wires were already attached. We used rolls of mesh (like the red and white roll near the heart ) as the first layer.
We then chose which two ribbon combinations we wanted to use. Sister Polly had already trimmed all of these to the correct lengths.
 A couple of hours later, we had something that looked like this. This was her friend Patricia's . I loved her finished product, and wished she had helped me pick out my ribbons and mesh.
Every one's looked different...My sister Dotty's
and Polly instead of the mesh used burlap.

and finally mine; which I guess looks a lot like my sister Dotty's. It was a fun way to spend a Saturday morning....and now we have fancy Valentine wreaths to hang on our doors! Thanks Polly.
I know most of you have a hobby of photography, and blogging... but does anyone like to do crafts?


  1. This is funny, you all made very nice craftworks very well done. I am not that creative and patient to do so I am afraid.

  2. no, i'm not crafty these days. :) love that you ladies get together for projects. :)

  3. My mother and sister were wizards at crafts and sewing. . .really very professional. I guess I had no reason to even try (which was disastrous when I did) because I had back-up to fill any of my needs! While they were bent over machines or craft projects, my nose was in a book. Made each of us very happy. Your wreath is a lovely; isn't it good to have excellent teachers?!

  4. Hello Janey,

    These are fabulous and fun! What an incredibly creative sister you have and how clever of you all to have made such different and, yet, equally lovely wreaths. Will they bring lovers knocking on the door......?!

  5. Totally fab wreaths Janey.. My hobby apart from photography is gardening but my Mum, well that was another matter, she loved doing craft with a passion :)