Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Plate

In cold weather, here in north Texas, people sometimes go to the mall, and walk around it several times. That way, they are in a pleasant atmosphere, out of the cold and getting exercise. I think I have found a place I like better. There is a huge antique mall near me, and I seem to be there a lot.!

On my "walk" the other day, I came across something I just had to have (one of the dangers of walking in either place). It is a large blue plate, or charger. You see, when I lived in The Netherlands, over thirty years ago, we enjoyed taking our visiting guests to a Pannenkoekn Huis. Roughly translated....a Pancake House. The Dutch (to my knowledge), have two types of pancakes. There is the Pannenkoek which is quite large and Pofferjes which are quite small. This place served the large ones, and you could purchase the large blue Delft looking platter your dinner came on. For some reason, I never bought one.
Getting to the point, that is why I was excited to see this large blue plate at the antique mall. It was actually made in Belgium by a company named Bosch Ferrer. The scene, to me, looks like a farm family enjoying the end of the day. Although, further research tells me it's a tavern scene.
I knew that I had the  perfect place for it. You see we built our cabinets all the way to the ceiling on both sides of the kitchen, so that I could display blue and white pottery in little lighted cabinets. I now have the plate on display above the vent hood  . It will always remind me of those pancakes!

Oh, and I was so proud of myself for talking the guy down about fifteen percent.....Then I searched the Internet (shouldn't have done that) and discovered I still had paid too much!


  1. Funny plate you have bought." Delft Blue" I never liked it, always thought it was only made for tourists. But I am beginning to like it when I am getting older now. It is a kind of heritage. You found the perfect place for it and I love pannekoeken en poffertjes with or without Delft Blue!

    1. Ha! I do understand that Marianne. You being Dutch. I am a Texan and feel the same way about cowboy stuff.

  2. Your story reminds me of a pancake house in Portland with huge pancakes that we went to once when I was a little girl. Nice find!

  3. I have one very similar Janey.. we both have very good taste :)

  4. don't think about the price. think about how pleased you are to have it. :)

  5. How exciting to have found something that reminds you of your time in Holland.

  6. Your plate looks perfect in its new spot.

  7. Dearest Janey,
    Your plate looks great in the spot you found for it!
    Never heard of the Bosch Ferrer from Belgium though. The real valuable Dutch Delft blue is Koninklijke Porcelyne Fles 1653 and Tichelaar Makkum from 1641 but than you pay a high price too!
    As for typical Dutch pancakes, they are always very thin as our Dutch recipes don't contain as many eggs. Here in the USA they often even taste way too eggy... Same for waffles. It makes quite a difference. The poffertjes are a different dough and they are here called silver dollar pancakes.
    Hugs and happy Sunday to you!
    P.S. Found you via Biebkriebels...