Friday, January 9, 2015

Soft Music

We have a guest this week from south Texas, so we took her to our favorite new restaurant last night. It is a little bistro in a restored area near our medical center. It sure fits the bill for me. Great cozy atmosphere, perfect lighting, and a brick wall that adds a lot of charm. Did I mention the food is good too?
Oh, and no piped in loud music....a great piano player playing softly in the corner.
Do you have a favorite place to dine?


  1. Looks perfect Janey.. I have a few favourite places for breakfast/brunch, like to try different places for dinner.

  2. How wonderful to listen to live music as you eat.

  3. That sounds wonderful, live music is so much nicer to listen to.

  4. A live pianist--how neat! I think music is very important to the feel of a restaurant. My current favorite restaurant is an international buffet with soft classical music--and delicious food.