Monday, January 5, 2015

The Key Keeper

Oh joy! Our sun came out today. It is still very chilly out though, with a north wind blowing. I just love sunny days! So, I ventured out to a nearby antique mall to browse around, and get some exercise.
That is where I met this nice lady. You see there are over 100 separate unmanned stalls, and many of them have locked cabinets. She is the keeper of the keys.
I marveled at the number of keys she was carrying, and inquired if they were which she answered yes! Very friendly key keeper she is.
Come back tomorrow and I will show you what I bought.


  1. Oh, to be out and about!!
    I am STILL recovering from the flu; been a difficult time. As soon as I feel better, I will get out to take some photos. In the meantime, I'll continue to visit and comment!

  2. What a wonderful title, the Keeper of the Keys. I think we have one in the Tower of London!

  3. Montgomery Street Antique Mall? I walk too slowly in antique malls to call it exercise... sleep walking, maybe. I usually come home with a lighter wallet - does that count?

    1. Oh I hope it does Joy! Yes, it's Montgomery Street.
      We got rid of so many things in our move, and Tom was hoping we wouldn't drag in more stuff. I am having a bit of a hard time with that.