Thursday, January 15, 2015


Hi there. I haven't gone away. Don't you hate it when you go to a blog and discover it has just stopped.....with the last picture they posted, sitting there with no explanation as to what happened? I could make a whole list of those blogs...but I won't. I also can't figure out how to remove them from my reading list on blogger? That brings us to me. I am going to get up and running again. I  promise.
You see, I had been using this little camera for at least nine years. I loved it because it was simple...but mainly because it was small. It would fit into all of my purses, even a tiny evening bag, or in my pocket.
Sitting beside a normal pear, maybe you can tell the actual size. Well, I just plain wore it out. The plastic cover that held in the battery and the memory card broke off.

No problem, one of my daughters had the same camera and had upgraded to a better camera (sorry Sony), because she was going on a trip abroad. She was nice enough to pass along this perfectly working little specimen to me. All was great for a couple of years, and now it it broken.
. The LCD screen is black (even when turned on). The first time it happened I went to the computer and figured out how to reset the camera to factory specifications...and it worked! This time no.
So, how did I take these pictures you asked? Yep, with my phone. I don't like doing that. So, until I brave the cold and get out there and buy a new least you know what happened to me......Janey


  1. A great opportunity to find a new snazzy camera. Take your time and find one you love; there is always a learning curve but you will do just great. We'll wait for you!!

  2. Your first camera reminds me of my last one before my upgrade. I finally had to figure out how to delete no-longer-active blogs from my reading list when I reached the list limits a while back. Go to the reading list, click the manage blogs icon on the upper right hand side, go to the settings of the blog you want to delete, and click stop following this site.

  3. I can recommend the Olympus brand Janey.. good luck :)

  4. i always worry about folks who just drop off without a word...accident? trauma? worse?

    as for removing folks, yup, bethany's got it. :)

  5. Glad to know you are OK and it's just a technology problem. Hope you get a camera soon.

  6. Good luck on your camera purchase. I've just gone through researching and buying a new one - it's a big investment! I periodically delete blogs no longer active.

  7. You have to get used to a new camera, which I found very difficult, i always like it as it was before. I am not so into new camera's I am afraid..... Wish you luck and am looking forward to your photos.

  8. I think nine years of capturing moments is long enough, and it's time for you to get a new and better camera. Hahaha! I just hope that you find the best camera that will suit your expectations and specifications, and of course one that can serve you long enough as well. In any way, thanks for sharing that, Janey! All the best to you!

    Brian Hopkins @ Microtips USA