Saturday, January 24, 2015

Curly Hair

On the subject of weird machines in my life. See previous post.
I actually remember getting a perm using this weird thing. You see, I had very straight hair, and I guess my mother liked curls. This contraption was invented in the 1920's or so, and continued to be used into the 1950's. There is  a disagreement who invented it. All I know is , it was  like a torture machine. It got very hot.
You where handed a stick, and you pointed to where it was too hot and the hair dresser would use and air bellow to pump cool air to that spot. I guess I am telling my age...but I was very small and remember sitting on a booster seat, to be tall enough. this would be considered child abuse!
Have any of you ever seen these machines?

The photo is not of the way.

* images found on the Internet. I will be happy to remove if there are any objections


  1. oh, good golly! almost torture! :)

  2. Janie, My mother also liked to give me perms so I would look like Shirley Temple. However, thank goodness she did them herself, though I still cringe remembering the horrible ammonia smell.

  3. Dearest Janey,
    Don't know if we had any of those around in The Netherlands. Looks awful and for sure not a pleasant thing!

  4. I am vaguely familiar with this process but was never subjected to it. Thank goodness.

  5. I never liked curls and fortunately I hadn't them. But one time I decided to have them at the hairdresser. It took ages to sit and get them. In the end I had a head with curls, but I didn't feel happy with a curly head. I regretted it and never tried again.
    That first picture looks like a torture experience....

  6. Hello Janey,

    Gosh, it makes our joint hair curl just thinking of you strapped into this instrument of torture. And, all in the name of beauty!

    Well, we can imagine that the lesson you learned from your earliest childhood is that there is nothing that one should not be prepared to undergo in the quest for the perfect look!