Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hurry Up Spring

I was at one of my favorite little grocery stores the other day (Trader Joe's), where I usually buy my fresh flowers , since they always have a nice selection...and the price is always right.

I was surprised to see these Irises. I guess because they are a Spring flower. I know that these plants are probably grown in green houses, but I wasn't expecting to see Irises in the middle of winter.

So, this picture is for all of you folks up north, who are in a deep deep freeze right now. Just remember, Spring will surely be here soon!


  1. Do I see another "Delft Blue" item in the house? The vase and the flowers match stunning together.

    1. Marianne it was a gift (the vase) from a dear friend. It comes from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I am not sure where it is made. love it you can see I am into blue and white.

  2. They look perfect in the blue and white vase Janey.. I have sunflowers in one that looks very similar :)

  3. The lilies are gorgeous and so is the vase!

  4. Not soon enough for me, but it is a lovely gesture on your part! The vase and flowers look terrific together.

  5. the chill this morning here is mighty brisk for texas, but at least we only have to wait a few weeks for 'spring' to start showing itself. :)