Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Book Club

One of my sisters hosted her book club last evening, and was nice enough to invite me to join them.
This is the book they were reading. I can't give you my thoughts on the book, since I haven't read it, but it was interesting listening to how the members of her book club found it. There were about fourteen ladies present, and I guess with any book club, there were several that had not finished and a  couple that didn't even attempt. it. The majority of those that did read it weren't fond of the book and couldn't connect with the characters. There was supposed to be some humor with this historical fiction of a wildly wealthy, real life family, but the majority of the group said they didn't laugh at anything.I on the other hand saw humor in the fact that one of the club members loved it, and brought three pages of notes on why she liked it; one page filled with the things that made her laugh. It was funny, the looks she got from the other members.

Do you belong to a book club, or have you read something you really like lately?

I was going to snap a quick picture (with my phone) of the pretty refreshment table my sister had prepared, but apparently it was too quick! Sorry.


  1. That's a book I've never heard of!

    I've just started re-reading David McCullough's book on the building of the Panama Canal. It's been years since I last read it.

  2. I have once frequented a book circle, but I was reading all the time books I didn't liked, so I want to make my own choices. Maybe I had the wrong circle...