Saturday, February 20, 2016

Still Alive

Of course I still am...I was talking about this plant.
It is a Geranium of course, but a new one to me .I bought it this summer in Colorado (where I live in the summer). It is an Ivy Geranium and some folks call it a Trailing Geranium. It is very colorful, and no I didn't enhance the color. I also like the reflection in the window. Shows you just how high in the mountains our cabin is.
Well, this is the same plant today in Ft. Worth. I have been babying it all winter. It has been so mild here that I have only had to bring it in three times. I think it may even be able to make the trip back to the mountains.Have you ever heard of an Ivy Geranium?


  1. Ivy geraniums are quite common here and are always available at the Farmers Market in spring. I always hang geraniums on our front porch and sometimes find just the right kind of colour in an ivy. I have tried to keep them over the winter, but always failed although my son has better luck than I. Your ivy should come to full bloom this summer. Would be nice to see it after you arive there.

  2. It looks beautiful! You've taken very good care of it! I have a geranium in my room from a couple summers ago, but I don't think it's an ivy geranium. It hasn't bloomed in a while...maybe it needs more fertilizer or something!

  3. I always use ivy geraniums in my hanging baskets as they are very tolerant when we go away managing without water. It certainly looks as if it will see you through another summer in the mountains.

  4. We call them just Geraniums and these look very much like the ones my mother always had on our balcony. As a child I didn't like their smell....