Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Oh My

We passed this house today, thankfully we were not on a walk. How would you like this person for a neighbor?
click on image to enlarge

I don't even understand the mindset here. I know that some people are not as privileged as others, but do they have to be a mess?! Yes, I do understand that it runs deeper than that. Compulsive Hoarding Disorder is  I guess pretty common. There is even a television show about such folks, where they explain that there is usually an underlying psychological  disorder,brought on by a tragic event  like death of a loved one, divorce, etc. Doesn't sound much like entertainment to watch the t.v. show about hoarding, but it is hard to turn off. You just can't believe how these people have gotten to this state. Turning the corner at the house we discovered that both the back yard,  and carport were just as full. I cant even imagine the inside of the house. Yes, that is a dog on the pile. It was a cool day...so someone put a coat on the dog :(

Do you have people with this disorder where you live? What is it called in your country?


  1. I haven't seen this here, but I don't come so often in the country. I am mostly in an urban surrounding. But I have heard of some old people in Amsterdam mostly single men who have this mess around them.

  2. i just can't imagine...anything in those boxes is ruined in the weather! sad.

  3. I'm sure we have our fair share of hoarders here also Janey, I think it affects more people than we imagine! Personally I'm all about minimalism these days!

  4. If I lived with a hoarder I would have to move out - on reflection I do live with a hoarder, but not on the scale that you have shown. Love the dog in the shocking pink coat, he looks as if he couldn't care less

  5. I would think it's hoarding. It happens to people from any walk of life.

  6. Who could stand this clutter? I keep thinking of rodents inhabiting that area! Wouldn't there be an ordinance on this kind of disorderly property?

  7. Dearest Janey,
    Oh we do have a place looking a bit like this. When we went for a walk we all of a sudden thought hah, this old house is getting renovated so we followed along. But it never got finished and only boxes and stuff got piled on the porch and it never ended. We heard rumors that his fiancée had broken up... Might be the reason for that mess. And he started a 'Majestic Muffler' business with even more junk next door...
    No, I would love to push a button to escape far away if I had to live there - NO WAY!
    Poor doggy with the hot pink sweater. One wonders if a pet can be flea-free in such environment!

  8. The fellas on the American Pickers show are looking for these places. And yes, we do have some in the area and guess who showed up - Frank and Mike.

  9. Any kind of disorder, with slight or deep, are baffling to some of us who do not ae the affliction. So sad when things, anything, become out-of-control.