Monday, August 31, 2015

A Day To Play

It is that time of year when things get quiet around here. School has started in most places, so the tourist have gone home. We will have a few folks come to town for the Labor Day weekend, a few more for the Wine Festival later in the month, and even more when the leaves turn. Fall is a beautiful time around here.

So, with the was a good time for a road trip ... Tom and I headed north along the valley, and then turned west. We pulled over at a little store at the entrance of the Black Canyon, which is a National Park.

 I feel sure that the place use to be a gas station. The shape of the sign was a clue,

but Tom was ready for a second. cup of..yep, you guessed it, coffee.
It's still a nice time to camp, but soon folks will be needing this  for their fireplaces.

If you don't need firewood....they have just about anything else you could want!
This will give you a clue as to where we were going. Tom plays golf on a league once a week, but I haven't played all summer. My score was nothing to brag about, but we sure had fun. Do you play golf?


  1. Too busy with photography to play golf! Years ago I sorta liked it, but not enough to continue. You had a nice road trip; thanks for taking us along.

  2. I've played it once, and once was, in retrospect, too many times!

  3. Nice tour around and not many others at the golfcourse. I have never played golf only midget golf on a mini course :)