Friday, August 7, 2015

Morning Walk

Okay, get on your walking shoes and join us!
First I pass my reading bench. I have been too busy to sit there this summer...but things are slowing down.
Then it's down the hill to meet the other walkers. We wait until 9am when the temperature reaches about 50 degrees. Beautiful walking weather.
We pass the construction sight. It's been two years now, that this young man has been building his own home, while working full time, but he is making progress.
From there we turn west, across the river on a pedestrian bridge. Notice the doe on the opposite bank, having her breakfast
Meet my walking group. Annie, Kit, Gregg, Gary and Wayne.
We pass the county courthouse.It is getting a new foundation. The oldest courthouse in continuous use in the state.
We had a rock slide on the river this week.
We pass Charles and Bear's cabin. They winter in Thailand
Kit. acting like me. Constantly taking pictures.
She was photographing a little waterfall on Henson Creek
Another pedestrian bridge across Henson Creek this time.
Here you can see where Henson Creek, on the left flows into The Lake Fork of the Gunnison River.
The little county fishing pier
One of our vintage homes, with a wooden bear peering in the window

and two very old homes that could use a remodel.
Are you getting tired yet? This is our County Museum ...a great one at that.
We have finally made it to Main St. ....but the miners named it Silver Street,
We are turned back east now.... over the river headed home. I stopped to take this picture of a little cabin I have always admired. Guess what? The owner saw me....and invited me in for a tour. Come back tomorrow and I will show you the inside....


  1. Not tired at all Janey, funny that :) You do have lovely walks around you.. do you vary your route each time? The bear looking in the window made me smile :)

  2. i like your walking group and tour. that home is going to be beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous countryside to be walking through!

  4. Dearest Janey,
    You are quite a sport and what a fun walking group!
    Nature is breath taking and anxious to see more about the little cabin.

  5. Nice to have a walk with you, that is a great environment to watch and walk.

  6. That isn't exactly a short hike! Beautiful scenery and objects to photograph.