Friday, August 28, 2015

The Weather

The climate here in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado is usually arrid and dry. The locals depend on a good amount of snow in the winter, so that snow melt, in the Spring, will fill the rivers and lakes. Although, there is another wet season here, called the monsoons, which start about mid July, and can hang around until mid August. This year it has been hanging on a bit longer. I never have disliked it, because the rains don't usually start until noon, and are over with by dinnertime. A great time to take a nap.
The only exception is if you are planing an outside event around noon.
The womens' club  was planning a "Lavish Ladies Luncheon", as a fundraiser this week, and planned to eat on a club member's beautiful deck. It is partially covered, but when the rains come, they tend to blow in! So...
She moved out her furniture and all thirty ladies crowded inside and still had a Lavish Luncheon.
Problem solved.
 Good call because the blowing rain did eventually rage outside.


  1. I remember those rains from when we were out there last summer. We had to make sure we got our running and biking done before noon. It was like clock work. Your friend's tables are gorgeous. Good call on her part to move indoors.

  2. Well, since it is predictable, altermate plans can be made and this one looks successful.

  3. I am just amazed that one person has that many chairs and tables to seat everyone!

  4. It all looks delightful - what a great party life you lead Janey

  5. I remember I learned the word "Monsoon" at school, interesting to read about it now. That is a regular time for arriving rains. Here you always are overtaken by the rainfall. But lucky you could bring the luncheon inside, it looks beautiful arranged.