Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Little Yellow Cabin

The other day on my morning walk, I was taking a picture of a little cabin that I think is cute. It is in this very small town in the Colorado Mountains.

The owner must have spotted me,came out, and ask if I would like to see the inside. Of course I said yes! I was surprised that it was built in the 1950's. I thought it was much older. She was the second owner.

 One of the things I have admired is the old screen door.I remember these from my childhood. There is a metal cutout of a horse and a little cowboy waving his hat.
It is, as I said, a very small place! The folks that built it use to fly up (from Texas), in their private plane and land on the dirt road beside the cabin. There weren't many rules back the.

She said she had changed very little since she bought it. The kitchen table still has a Formica table and chairs. Seems most every home had a similar set in the 1950's.
There was only one bedroom. I really liked the greens and reds in there.
She said the dishes came with the kitchen, and she saw no reason to change them.
The refrigerator and the stove were updated in the 1970's
I thought this was an unusual rocker. I tried it and it was very comfortable
The horseshoe above the doorway is for good luck. She said the original owners son, who is sixty years old, was in town last week, and stopped by . As he was leaving, he saw the arrow and said "oh my gosh"! Seems his mother took it away from him, when he was ten years old, because he was shooting it at his brother. She stuck it there 50 years ago....and it is still there!


  1. Wonderful photos and historical anecdote.

  2. oh, so cool! love the touches of red throughout. nice pine and loved the formica set, too!

  3. Quite a place for an arrow, and quite a story!

    It's pretty, inside and out.

  4. How nice that she invited you in. That formica furniture is indeed so 1950, it is very small inside but very cosy. What a story about that arrow!

  5. Wow! A cute little blast from the past and what great memories for the son of the previous owner. I believe I would have given him the arrow and said, "Go shoot something. Just not your brother". Haha!