Saturday, August 15, 2015

Third and Final Home

For those just joining us. I help with the home tours in the little mountain town where we spend the summer. We tour both vintage homes, and modern ones. This is the final entry ....on our modern home tour.
Along the river, north of town, there is a sign at the entrance of this rustic estate
It has a welcoming entry....and no they don't sell baby chicks.
The home is constructed of handcrafted Engleman Spruce logs from British Columbia.
Sorry, my picture of the large family room was too crowed with people to show you. This is the billiard parlor.
All of the bedrooms are cozy, comfortable and inviting
Of course there is a spacious kitchen. Those are not silhouettes above the sink. Those are people on the tour, enjoying refreshments on the deck.
I thought that this was a nice touch on the kitchen wall.
At the conclusion of the tour, we gathered on the home owners spacious back deck viewing the river

and enjoying refreshments, which are always part of the tour.


  1. Working in that kitchen would be a great experience.

  2. lots of wood! love the back deck!

  3. You have shown some lovely homes Janey - I expect most of them are really warm and cosy in the winter time made with all of that lovely wood.

  4. I like the look of this place. We had an old phone like that in the kitchen in our home where I grew up.

  5. Bello blog and beautiful images of this cozy place, of great warmth.

    Warm regards from Gran Canaria - Canary Islands (Spain).

  6. Stop in from Biebkriebels. Beautiful place. I don't believe I every seen a log home built from Spruce of any type. I live 30 miles or so from British Columbia and most people here have spruce in there yard and lot of animals make there home in it.
    Coffee is on

  7. That wood looks very nice like a real log cabin. It is situated with a magnificent view at the river.