Saturday, August 1, 2015

Home Tour

Once every summer this little Colorado town has home tours. This Friday it was the older homes, and the next week, the modern homes. I have been helping with the tours for several years now, and it's always something I look forward to.
 Most of the old homes we tour are of the Victorian era, but this one was built in 1935, about the time Texans started coming up this way to escape the summer heat (and to fish). Note the Texas flag. This was a typical fishing cabin...and hasn't changed much. There were no lumber yards in the town then, so the family purchased used lumber from the Ute Ulay Mine. This town was in to recycling long before it became fashionable.
There is still an outhouse in the back, buy I am happy to report...modern plumbing has been installed.
Closet space was minimal. so a lot of interesting things hung from the walls.

Like the red clothes pin bag hanging on the kitchen wall. Yes, it did have wooden clothespins in it.

I was asked to guess what this thing hanging out back was. I said a birdhouse. No, it is  shelves for drying fish, so that they could be transported back to Texas.

Come back tomorrow ,and I will show you the haunted house of Lake City's socialite back at the turn of the twentieth century.


  1. Good historical information

  2. i'd not know what a fish dryer was, either! cool!

  3. oooo, can't wait for the haunted house! :)

  4. Dearest Janey,
    That is quite interesting such a tour and one always learns a thing or two or more!

  5. That is nice to hear the history of the houses you visit.