Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Final Home #4

This little jewel was our fourth, and final home on this years home tour.
That's moi waiting to welcome the guests in.
Built in the 1870's for a prospector. Later the home became an office for the Lake City Mail/and Passenger Line. In the early 1900's it was sold to a young couple . The husband was here to look after a mine that was owned by someone out of state. The young husband died during the flu epidemic in 1920, leaving his wife to raise several children on her on.
For as many years as I can remember, this little home was the summer home of that couples eldest daughter Margaret. Margaret, shown here at age 90. She was out with a friend trying to track the remains of the old rail line, that pulled out of Lake City for the last time in 1933.It was quite a hike along the river to get to the spot in this photo! We were all saddened to say goodbye to sweet Margaret. a few days before her 98th birthday.
Here, Ceclia, Margaret's younger sister (now 96 herself), is telling our very interested tour participants  about growing up in this home.
One of my favorite things in the home (which hasn't changed much over the years), is the old wood burning Leavenworth stove in the kitchen.

I hope that you have enjoyed our tour...the Modern Home tour is coming up soon...and you know that I will be taking pictures.


  1. It's quite a neat place! I've enjoyed it.

  2. That is a goreous little home, and a lovely photo of you too.

  3. I've enjoyed the virtual home tour. That little house is just lovely.

  4. So nice you have the old lady who lived there, to explain the history too. Interesting tour Janey.

  5. What a tiny, perfect historic home! And to actually speak to one of the people who lived there is certainly another perk.

  6. What a remarkable stove; must have made many good, solid meals on it.