Monday, August 17, 2015

Rest Stop?

When you want to get rid of something around here, you put it out front with a "Free" sign on it.
I am not sure that too many people would want this!


  1. You might be surprised!
    Been out of the loop for days without cell or wifi in our lovely Lake Michigan cottage in Door County, Wi. Wish I could live here again!
    Right now briefly visiting a coffee shop to use cell and pick up messages. Will visit again soon!

  2. You never know. I saw one just this weekend being used as a planter. Full to the brim with flowers. Only sorry I didn't take a photo.

  3. I don't think I'd pick it up! That being said, I've tried posting toilets on Craigslist--our house had some most likely custom colored pink, blue, yellow, and black toilets from the seventies. Unfortunately toilet-manufacturing was a lost art in the seventies, and they didn't have good water pressure, so we had to take them out, and I gave a try at advertising them. No takers though!