Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Mining Town

To my knowledge, the only mine still operating in this little town, that was once a bustling mining town is one; a gold mine.That was not the case back in the late 1870's, when all kinds of ore was coming out of these hills; silver taking the number one spot.
So, it is not unusual to come across entrances to old claims. It sure is tempting to go in, except there are so many warning not to. Reports of poisonous gases and all kinds of other dangers keep me out for sure....and I hope others. It is fun though to run into a door into the unknown.


  1. And one never knows about the footing in there either, so it's best that these are sealed off.

  2. Dearest Janey,
    Far better to photograph it from this side!
    Just watched a video taken by us in 2009 at the Hoover Dam and heard the info about the copper, silver and gold mining. A lot of people never realize this fact for that part of the USA.

  3. I wouldn't go inside too. I hate to go underground in caves and so.