Sunday, August 23, 2015

Destination Lunch

We took a round about way of getting here (previous blog), but we have finally arrived in the delightful little ski town of Crested Butte.
It is a bustling place in the summer, and even more so in the winter. There is the old town at the foot of the mountain (above), and the ski mountain up the hill, where there are condos and beautiful new homes.
The homes in old town are cute, quaint, old, and probably just as expensive as some of the new places up on the hill.
 Some of you know that I have a thing for cute old houses.

Who wouldn't like a get away place as cute as this? 

I have only been here in summer, and it's like the whole town is in bloom.

The water (snow melt), coming off of the mountain is diverted all through town,

 making for some picturesque places to eat.

This was the old Marshall's office and jail back in the 1800's; notice the orb?

There are opposing views on what they are. Specks of dust or moisture on the camera lens....or spirits appearing in your photo. You are welcome to think what you like...but interesting that they only showed up on pictures of the jail?


  1. very picturesque village, would be very different in winter cute name too.

  2. Dearest Janey,
    You know how to tell a good story for keeping the reader captivated! Lovely nature and quiet little towns!

  3. It looks a charming little town - I am now trying to imagine what it looks like when covered in snow.

  4. Very pretty houses indeed and that prison...I don't know, spirits entering the camera?

  5. A neat looking place. The mountain really catches my eye.

    I had issues with a certain object that I'll be posting about on the first of September. I took ten shots of it, and only one is usable. The place in question does have a reputation for being haunted.