Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Home #3

I was excited about seeing the third home on  it tour. It is the Presbyterian Manse. It was actually the first Protestant Manse built on the western slope of the Rocky Mountain (Colorado).

We don't have a Presbyterian minister at this time, so the house is empty.
It was constructed by missionary and carpenter George Darley in 1879. Darley becoming an ordained minister after the completion of the church. The original house was the tall section to the right. The extension on the left was built at a later date.
  The Presbyterian church sits on the side street.

I didn't take many interior photos. I was impressed with the wood flooring.
Tomorrow on to our fourth and final house.


  1. The addition was done well and complements the original structure beautifully. I'd like to run my hands along the wood floor; looks almosy silky.

  2. The church and house stand out beautifully!

  3. Dearest Janey,
    Love that tall and original part and the wood flooring is looking very nice.

  4. That floor looks really good, ready for dancing....:)