Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Modern Home Tour

We did have our modern interior home tour this last week, and had a great turnout.
The first home was on the Lake, which is three miles south of town. The home  built in the 1970's and  was at one time a restaurant.
The new owners have done an extensive remodel, and the place is very pretty.
All of the rooms are nicely furnished. and all bedrooms have a view of the lake.
Did you notice that the bedside tables are kennels, where their dogs sleep at night. There are shades to pull down, so that the dogs are not disturbed if their master is reading late at night.
There were three other bedrooms, in addition to the master.
I like the soothing colors in this room
All three looked like a great place to be a guest.

Especially since this is your view out the window!


  1. This is a very grand home! The furnishings are beautiful and I was quite impressed and amused by the kennels for the dogs in the bedrooms. Pulling down the shades made me laugh. . .I cannot imagine my dogs being distracted by anything once they fall asleep.

  2. Whoa I love the idea of a bedside table crate! Never thought about this. I hate our dog crate in the corner of our room. Hmmmmm.....

  3. It is a lovely home with fabulous views.

  4. That view is stunning, for a summerhome it is well furnished, almost for a continuously living.