Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Mountain Drive

Yesterday, Tom and I had nothing on our calendar...which is quite unusual, so we decided to take a drive to Created Butte, a ski resort and hour and a half north of here. Although, after passing Gunnison, CO we turned west on Ohio Creek Road. We thought we would get off of the highway and take the scenic route on Ohio Creek road.

Tom is use to me wanting to stop and take pictures. So, he was already slowing down when he saw this red barn.
Further along we saw this. It may look like a little fame house but it is a  school house, or so the faded sign over the door says.
From the side, looking in the windows, you could see the pot bellied wood stove. Oh, how I wanted to go in!
An interesting barn, made of logs.
The pavement has now become a gravel road. I really don"t like this smoke that is in the air.
At this point we have started to climb. There are several switchbacks through an Aspen forest,

and higher up, late summer yellow wildflowers along the road.
 and many pretty views.

We stopped and took a short walk along Irwin Lake, before turning back southeast in to Crested Butte.
It is a cute little ski town where we will have lunch.

Come back tomorrow and I will show you around.


  1. Thanks for the tour; I enjoyed all of it.

  2. neat barns and buildings you found and a pretty area, too!

  3. The landscape really draws me right in, Janey!

  4. That schoolhouse looked a real gem. What a pity you couldn't have taken us for a sneaky look. Beautiful scenery.

  5. It is a super drive. Not boring at all.


  6. So much beautiful scenery! Thank you for sharing your trip with us. Love the log barn!

  7. Beautiful spot and it all looks so clean, bright and fresh.

  8. Dearest Janey,
    What a lovely drive that was!