Wednesday, October 17, 2012

34th Street

On our way home, from my belated birthday lunch (yesterday's blog) we stopped in a neighborhood called Garden Oaks to try and find an antique dealer on 34th street.It was a place I will definitely go back to.

Housed in a very basic warehouse strip center. It didn't look very promising until we walked in the door.

The owner does most of his collecting in Belgium and France. I was pleasantly surprised at his unusual items and good prices.

This goofy hat caught my eye

as did these brightly colored hand puppets.

Come back tomorrow and I will show you what we bought.


  1. A surprise in the inside, from the ouside I think I wouldn't have entered.

  2. i like treasure shops like this. :)

    (if you want to put up a leaf post, let me know when you do, and i'll link you in. just email me at when you have it up). :)

    1. I am such a beginner at all of this...Do you mean If I put a picture of Fall leaves...then you can tell me how to link to the gal who is ill to my blog?

  3. I love stores like this can't wait to see your treasures!