Friday, October 5, 2012

Texas Big Hair

I decided to try and style my granddaughter Hannah's hair. Visiting from Chicago...she needs to learn about Texas  Big Hair. Not sure it worked, but she was a willing participant . Having her here is like having my own little doll to play with.!


  1. Oh, what a doll!! She looks so cooperative and has such a pretty little mouth and chin! I think that she is wondering what kind of granny she has and is slightly amused by your efforts. You are too funny!!

  2. Ha,ha,ha, Janey you are a very funny grandmother! She seems to like your efforts very much and looks so happy with you. Never knew Texas woman have big hair, isn't that a bit from the sixties, I had mmy hair backcommbed on top of my head in that time.

  3. It's never to early to learn about curlers hey Janey! She is just super gorgeous and you can ell she loves her Gran!