Tuesday, October 9, 2012


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I passed this house yesterday...and it struck me as TOO MUCH. People seem to be decorating more and more for Halloween! It is actually my old neighborhood, the one we lived in when my two girls were small, and it has always been known to go all out on that spookiest of all nights... Halloween. There were always herds of kids going door to door on that night, bringing home way too much candy. Ours would strangely disappear the following week. I encouraged my husband to take the candy to his company where it is a proven fact anything edible, would disappear in seconds in the break room. It was probably mean of me to slip their treats out the door. ...but I was thinking of their teeth and of course the dental bills. Did these decorations in reality make me miss my kids a little?...Okay...maybe a little bit :(


  1. So far our neighborhood hasn't begun decorating for Halloween yet. I think I prefer the tradition of Mexico during that time period. Dia de los Muertos respecting the dead with family and friends makes much more sense to me.

  2. one home in our area covered almost every foot of their lawn, trees, fence, porch, etc. with ghouls, headstones, monsters, creepy-crawlies, etc. even with a fully-automated gargoyle out front. THAT was too much. :)

  3. People do decorate their homes for every occasion more and more. A bit to much I think, less is more...