Friday, October 12, 2012

Wings of Gold

A few years ago, Tom and I were flying Continental Airlines back from Paris. We were thrilled to be up-graded  to first class. Not long after takeoff, I experienced  a deja vu moment when looking at one of the flight attendants.
I commented to Tom that I thought maybe it was my old roomie Jeanie. You see, back in 1965 I was a Stewardess for a small airline...that was later bought by Continental Airlines.  I had not seen Jeanie for forty something years. To make a long story short. It was Jeanie! What a fun flight we had. Jeanie told me about a book titled Continental WINGS Of GOLD. The picture below is in that book. Our small graduating class.

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Nancy, Jeanie, Janey

*The tall guy, behind me is the President of then Central Airlines ...the late Lamar Muse, who went on the start Southwest Airlines and Muse Airways.
* Nancy died young from an aneurysm . Jeanie still works first class flights Houston-Paris (47 yrs later). Continental is now  United Airlines. Me...I blog :)


  1. That is so nice you in your uniform, you looked great. Your friend must be pretty old to work still as a stewardess. There was a time they had to be young and they were fired when reaching a certain age. But I see many "old" stewardesses now when I fly, must be rather tiring work. Blogging is much easier....

  2. oh wow! what a great run-in so many years later!

  3. Love serendipity!! I, too, flew for a small feeder airline: North Central>Republic>Northwest>Delta! Flew for 6 years out of Chicago (which I LOVED) and MSP. Your uniforms looked much better than ours, and you looked so young and lovely! It was fun for awhile, but then I got awfully tired of it. We had lots more fun as stewardesses than the current flight attendants, don't you think?? Going to a luncheon with retired stews at the end of the month.

    1. OMG! I didn't know we had that in common! I guess you know very well (just like I do) what a DC3 and a Convair are?! I only flew 2 1/2 yrs. I was a passenger on NC once...I think it was them I flew to Mich Tech for Winter Carnival in 1968?
      I have so many stories about my flying career. I should write a book. Bet you could too!

  4. PS. I still love flying and travelling. Winging off to Cuba tomorrow!!